State Training Calendar

The State Office of Emergency Management maintains a calendar of Emergency Management related training available around the State.
Oregon Emergency Management Training Calendar

FEMA Professional Development Series (PDS)

The Professional Development Series consists of seven Emergency Management Institute (EMI)independent study courses that provide a well-rounded set of fundamentals for those in the emergency management profession. Many students build on this foundation to develop their careers.

FEMA Advanced Professional Series (APS)

FEMA’s Advanced Professional Series emphasizes applied skills in disaster operations, alongside of and building on the management and coordination skills developed throughout their Professional Development Series. The APS courses address top skills for performing emergency management and disaster duties. The original course lineup was established five years ago, and updated in 2004, to motivate and challenge students to continue emergency management training.

Graduate and Undergraduate Emergency Management Degrees

The Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland, in 1994 developed the Emergency Management Higher Education Project with the aim of promoting college-based emergency management education for future emergency managers and other interested personnel. The primary goal of the FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Project is to work with colleges and universities, emergency management professionals, and stakeholder organizations to help create an emergency management system of sustained, replicable capability and disaster loss reduction through formal education, experiential learning, practice, and experience centered on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from the full range of natural, technological and intentional hazards which confront communities, States and the Nation.