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ORCEMS Brochure

The Oregon Certified Emergency Management Program (ORCEMS) was created to raise and maintain professional standards in emergency management and to certify achievement of that standard within the profession within Oregon. The program was developed in a cooperative effort between the Oregon Emergency Management (OEM), and the Oregon Emergency Management Association (OEMA) and requires extensive documentation of the applicant’s qualifications, experience and training. Final program packages submitted by an applicant will be reviewed and approved by a committee of their peers.

Applicant must submit a pdf of entire ORCEMS application.

The pdf file can be emailed to the ORCEMS Committee Chair, or can be mailed on CD or thumb drive with the application fee. Hard copy submittals are not required.

Congratulations to Corey Fisher for earning his ORCEMS certificate this year!

Corey Fisher  •  BCEM Technology Advisor  •  503-464-8393 • KG7VNJ

Corey Fisher has been working in the field of Emergency Management since 2009. He has a blend of public, private, and non-profit experience which he uses to support Emergency Management and Business Continuity work for Portland General Electric. Beyond planning, training development, and exercises Corey has a passion for taking the specialized content of EM and BC and finding new ways to bring it to clients through media and education. When Corey isn’t working he is keeping up with his toddling daughter and supporting the American Lung Association during Reach the Beach each year.


Congratulations to Patence Winningham for earning her ORCEMS certificate this year

As the Senior Program Coordinator in Emergency Management Patence Winningham has been the lead on supporting the Emergency Operations Center Facility and Staff. Patence continues to build her skills as a Planning Section Chief and Deputy EOC Manager, most recently working with our area partners building relationships during the US 2016 Olympic Trials hosted at the University of Oregon. During the Cascadia Rising 2016 Functional Exercise, Patence was charged with being the organizations trusted agent and liaison with the State. As the lead for public outreach, she has hosted many outreach events and has extensive knowledge on the local capabilities and limitations we face our area. Actively participating in the local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD) and Lane Preparedness Coalition (LPC); committees she participates in, continuing to focus on and increase our community’s disaster resilience.