During our Joint Annual Conference in 2015 with Washington State Emergency Management Association (WSEMA), we partnered to gather donations for the purpose of establishing (WSEMA already has a scholarship in place) the foundation for future OEMA Emergency Management Student Scholarship donations to IEMA. We ask that all OEMA members take the opportunity to support the newly established scholarship benefit. Your donations of themed gift baskets, sports tickets, resort/golf packages, handmade artwork, jewelry and cultural items, will make a huge impact in the life of our young upcoming students pursuing an emergency management degree.

Our next annual conference is scheduled for the October 3-6, 2016, at the Salishan Golf and Spa Resort in Lincoln City.

If you know what you will be donating, can you please drop a line to our organizing conference committee (Eric Plebuch, Committee Chair). Also, if your donation needs to be transported to Salishan Resort, please let us know: items can be dropped off in the Portland area, or we can try to arrange a pickup at your location if need be.

We appreciate your support! Please help us make 2016 the bigger and better year for the OEMA Emergency Management Student Scholarship.