Delegate Membership

Delegate membership is available to any person with emergency management responsibilities or interests.

Delegate members have all privileges of the Association, including the right to vote, hold any elected office, serve on or chair any committee, serve as a liaison or Association representative, participate in meetings and discussions, and receive all Association communications.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is available to any private sector or non-governmental organization that provides products, services, or other resources that support emergency management programs, activities, or personnel. Intended for groups of three or more from one organization, the membership belongs to the organization paying the dues..

An Affiliate member may designate one person to represent the Affiliate organization/party at conferences, meetings, or other Association activities. The name of the designated person shall be submitted to the Association Secretary. The designated representative of the Affiliate may vote on behalf of the Affiliate member, serve on or chair a committee, and receive all Association communications, but cannot hold the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer, or serve as an Association representative or liaison.

All members or employees of an Affiliate Member organization will be able to register for OEMA activities under the member rate.

Student Membership

Student membership is available to any student with emergency management interests attending a post-secondary institution in a full time or part-time capacity who is not also employed in a full time emergency management position.

Student members may participate in meetings and discussions and serve as members of committees, but cannot vote or hold an elected office or chair a committee. Student members can also serve as a liaison and have the right to receive all Association communications.

Life Membership

Life membership may be awarded to any member of the organization who has been an active and contributing member and who is leaving his/her sponsoring organization due to retirement or career change. Life membership must be approved by the Executive Board.