This committee is responsible for the planning, coordination, and conduct of the Association’s annual conference. We begin planning for the next year’s conference during the current conference by selecting conference planning committee members. We always welcome new faces and talent to our group. If you would like to be involved in helping shape our conference, please contact the Incident Commander named below. Thank you for your interest!


2019 Incident Commander: Kelly Piper

Keeping to our industry standards, the Conference Planning Committee follow the Incident Command System (ICS) structure. As such, we have key chair positions and supporting positions as follows:

Conference Committee Member Positions

Section Position
Command Incident Commander (OEMA President)
Deputy IC (OEMA Vice President)
Contractor: Group Concepts
Planning Planning Section Chief
Deputy PSC
Operations Operations Section Chief
Deputy OSC
Exhibitor Coordinator
Exhibitor Social Media Promotion
Fund Raising
Social Media Coordinator
Speaker Coordinator
Time Keeper
Volunteer Coordinator
Logistics Logistics Section Chief
Deputy LSC
Audio Visual
Banquet Director
Supply Unit
Finance Finance Section Chief
Deputy FSC
Registration / Information Desk
Special Services Sponsor: Badge ID Production

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