Standing Committees

Annual Conference

2019 Incident Commander: Kelly Piper

This committee is responsible for the planning, coordination, and conduct of the Association’s annual conference.


Chair: Scott Porter

The Bylaws committee makes recommendations for the revision of the Association’s Bylaws by the membership, monitors adherence to provisions of the Bylaws, develops resolutions outlining the position and policy of the Association on specific issues, as appropriate, and presents proposed resolutions to the membership for adoption at General Membership meetings.

OEMA Bylaws_2018 Rev_Approved_100818


Chair: Patty Hopkins

The Finance and Audit Committee is appointed by the OEMA Executive Board to recommend guidelines for the management of, and provide oversight to, the Association’s fiscal activities.

Specific responsibilities of the committee are to:

  • Work with the Treasurer in preparing a budget and addressing financial requirements;
  • Prepare a budget addressing financial requirements;
  • Conduct a review of audit.

18_19 Annual Budget


Chair: Eric Plebuch

The Legislative Committee is appointed by the OEMA Executive Board to develop and maintain legislative priorities.

The committee assures that the program remains a valuable component of the Association and supports the Association’s vision, mission and goals.

Private Sector Committee

Chair: Marilyn Nikolas

Public/Private Partnerships

Professional Development

Chair: Nancy Bush

Tracks and reports mandated training from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); tracks and reports state and local training to maintain certification; keep aware of emergency management programs that are being developed and provided technical assistance in the development of these programs.

Oregon Certified Emergency Management Specialist ORCEMS(ORCEMS) sub-committee of Professional Development

Chair: Sarah Eckman

The Oregon Certified Emergency Management Program (ORCEMS) was created to raise and maintain professional standards in emergency management and to certify achievement of that standard within the profession within Oregon. The program was developed in a cooperative effort between the Oregon Emergency Management (OEM), and the Oregon Emergency Management Association (OEMA) and requires extensive documentation of the applicant’s qualifications, experience and training. Final program packages submitted by an applicant will be reviewed and approved by a committee of their peers.


Strategic Communications / PIO

Chair: Greg WalshDennis MarksJody Florence

Oversees marketing strategies for the Association in order to increase membership and to provide knowledge of the Association to other agencies, associations, businesses, and individuals; acts as public information officer.

Strategic Planning

Chair: Nathan Garibay and the Executive Board

The Strategic Planning Committee develops and maintains the Association’s Strategic Plan to assure that the Association continues to make progress towards achieving its mission and goals.

OEMA Strategic Plan 17-18


Chair: Steve Pegram

The Technology Committee provides oversight to and administration of the review and evaluation of existing and emerging technologies in communications and information system/processes programs.

Designated Liaisons

2018 Liaison Contact List